DT003 //   Hailing from the lithuanian capital vilnius, miskotom are andra and mischa.  they make dreamy, plushy, darkly evocative balearic tunes. 

Bobby Bricks

DT003 //   Listening to bobby bricks' tropical, blocky beats and sunny, effervescent synths you'd never guess he's from the baltics.  He brings you a double slab of tropo-house on his tracks 'befriending' and  'amazon blue'... from sweden with love. 

The Rev Thorn

DT002 //   From rural australia to south east london armed with his skills on the emu sampler and an encyclopedic love of music.  influenced by the greats - vincent bell, henry mancini and ennio morricone - the rev thorn makes blissed out, sample heavy music for the movies in your head.